The Brand Lily Looks

Lily looks consists of 6 unique series of potted lilies.

  • The Tiny Series: compact Asiatics with clear flower colors.
  • The Sensation Series: Asiatic multi-colors with a unique flower pattern.
  • The Sunny Series: Orientals with large exclusive flowers.
  • The Double Series: Asiatics with double flowers. The double varieties are unique, self-cleaning, non-staining and pollen-free flowers with double flower petals.
  • Longiflorum: a longiflorum specially bred for the pot with large white calyxes.
  • And the latest series, the Summer series: Longiflorum x Asiatic Hybrid. The lilies have a slightly sweet scent and large upright flowers.

Currently we have around 40 varieties in 6 basic colors; orange, red, purple, yellow, white and pink. In each color we offer many varieties.

Lily Looks Potted Lilies can be grown year round and all over the world. The wide assortment makes it possible to offer a uniform full color range of potted lilies all year long.


Main advantages of Lily Looks potted lilies are:

  • Large number of buds
  • Less yellowing of bottom leaves, green foliage on the whole plant
  • No drying of buds
  • Flowers bloom longer and perform better
  • Compact in size
  • Thoroughly tested durability

Lily Looks will introduce surprising new selections in the coming years. These new introductions are also thoroughly tested.

A little sneak preview: A double flower, very compact Oriental….


Who are we?

Our company Wetering Potlilium BV is located in Den Hoorn in the province South Holland in the Netherlands. We are specialized in growing pot lilies. We operate a state of the art 27.000 Square Feet greenhouse operation. Our operation is fully automated to ensure quality, crop consistency and manage cost. Our commitment to quality, consistency, cost control and innovation made us a leader in Europe!

We also ditribute Lily Looks bulbs to the rest of the world. For more information and contacts see the page 'Distribution'.

In the Company clip below you get a good impression of our company.