Lily Looks - potlelies


The multi purpose of Lily Looks

Lily Looks make excellent house and garden plants. You can enjoy your plant in your home and after it is bloomed out you can plant it in your garden. Take the outer pot off and plant about 10 cm deep. Make sure your plant stays humid. Your plant will go in dormancy (dies back) in fall and will produce even bigger and better flowers the next summer.

Lily Looks is also very suitable to enjoy on your deck or garden. They grow easy and the flowers last a long time. If you want to over-winter your patio pot it is important to store the plant frost free. Store your plants in a cool and dry area. You can put these plants back on your deck in spring after the last frost. Make sure you water regularly when the plant goes back outside.

There are two times of the year you can plant Lily bulbs :

- In fall before the frost gets into the ground. Plant bulbs 10 cm deep.
- In spring after the last frost. Plant the bulbs 10 cm deep. It is important to keep the soil humid.

You can plant lilies in fall or spring. Lilies will bloom in early summer.