Questions & Answers

Buying the collection

• Can you tell me where to buy the Lily Looks lilies?

Wetering Potlilium is the owners of the Lily Looks brand and we live in Holland (Europe). Several growers in the United States bought lily bulbs from us. They grow the lily’s and sell them to the stores. We don’t have any influence or information on the schedule they have with the deliveries.

Care Tips

• How many times do I water this plant?

Don't let the plant dry out. When growing inside, water the plant moderately (2 to 3 times a week). When the lily is planted outside, water 2 to 3 times in the spring and fall. In the summer, when it is 85+ F, water 5 to 7 times a week.

• Is the Lily Looks lily considered a indoor or outdoor plant?

You can put the lily both indoors and outdoors. The plant itself cannot withstand frost. The bulbs are hardy.

• Is the Lily Looks lily considered a perennial plant?

The lilies can be used as perennial but also as patio plants. Just make sure that you give the lily enough water.

• Do I water the plant after I plant it outside in my garden?

When you plant the lily outside in the spring or the fall, water 2 to 3 times a week. In the summer when the temperatures are 85F and higher, you might want to water 5 to 7 times a week. When the lily is planted in the garden for about 3 to 4 weeks, minimize watering to 1 to 2 times a week. The soil should be saturated from your previous watering.

• Do I need to fertilize them when I plant them outside?

Fertilize your lily plants as regularly as your other plants. They don't need extra fertilizer.

• Can I keep the Lily in my house and will it bloom again?

You could keep the lily in the house as a house plant. However, it will not flower as pretty as if you would have planted it outside.

• Can the lily be planted outside after they bloomed inside?

After enjoying the lily inside your house you can plant the lily at ground level in your garden. Put 1 inch of mulch on top of the lily to prevent weeds and to keep the soil moist. If you don't have a garden, keep the pots from becoming frozen. The outside frost will damage the lily if it is not planted in the ground. Keep the lily in a cool spot where it will be below 45 F for about 10 weeks. A cool basement should work. Bring out and water the lily after 10 weeks, and enjoy the plant again.

• How deep do have to plant the lily, when I plant it outside in my garden?

Plant the lily at ground level. Apply 1 inch of mulch after planting to keep weeds away, and keep the soil moist.

• I bought a lily and it's December, can I plant them in my yard even though the ground is frozen?

Do not plant a lily outside when the ground is frozen. The plant will die. Keep the lily inside and water moderately. A lily can be planted from the spring, after the last frost, until the fall. In the fall the leaves will naturally turn yellow, and the plant will go into a dormant stage. In the spring the lilies will emerge from the soil. The lilies will bloom again in early summer.

• What do you suggest we do to maintain the Lilium Asiatic plants when they are not in bloom (in the winter) ?

After blooming you can cut of the old bloom and put the plant in your garden without pot. If you water them regular they will stay green untill the end of summer begin of autumn. After the winter they will come up again and bloom at the beginning of the summer in June or July. A lily only blooms once a year.

• When can I cut down the foliage after they bloomed?

After the plant has flowered you can cutoff the old flowers leaving the leaves. This will prevent the plant from making seed pods. The production of seed pods will take a lot of energy out of the bulb and plant. Leave as many leaves as possible. The photosynthesis will produce food for the bulb. The bulb will grow big, so you can enjoy the plant year after year.

• Once the flower dies in the fall do I cut the plant back and if so how far?

You won’t have to do anything, just let the plant in the garden in the soil.

• What am I supposed to do with my lilies now that winter is coming and it is getting colder? They are in a pot but do I leave them outside in the pot? And if so will they come back next spring?

You can plant the lily without the plastic pot in the garden. The leafs will die naturally if it is getting colder. After the winter they will make new stems and new flowers which will flower in the end of de spring / begin of the summer.

• The title ‘potlily’ seems to imply that the plant can remain in a pot year after year, but care instructions seems to imply that they should be planted outdoors. If they will rebloom remaining in the pot, can you provide more detailed info on how to do so?

It is correct that the pot lily can remain year after year in the pot. But it is better for the plant to remove the pot and plant it in the garden outdoors. The lily will die in the fall and make a new stem in the spring and blooms at the beginning of the summer. The lily bulbs in the ground die below -2.5 C°. If they are planted in the garden they won’t be frozen very fast, but if you let them in the pot it will be too cold.

• I have several Lily Looks Lilium Asiatic potlilies in my yard that I planted this summer; two bloomed and have since withered. The rest bloomed and have remained green until now. With cold weather coming, I'm not sure how to care for these plants.

The only thing you have to do is make sure the bulbs are below the surface and are deep enough. It is oke if the plant gets some frost but the bulb can’t have any frost. After the winter the bulbs make new stems and will come out of the soil in the end of April. The stems make new flowers and they will flower at the beginning of the summer.

Problems with my Lily Looks lily

• The buds did not open, what could be the reason?

All flowers should open for enjoyment, if the lily is watered moderately on a daily basis, and placed in a spot with a high light intensity. A window sill would be a perfect place. If the lily is placed in a dark area, it is possible that the last bud will not open.

• I have stamen powder on my clothes, what can i do about it?

All fresh flowers have a stamen. This is how new varieties are made in nature, and plants multiply. Some say it adds to the beauty of the flower. When stamen have deposited their powder on your clothes, do not rub it with a wet cloth. Do not rub it period. Don't try to brush it off. Put the piece of clothing with the stamen powder in direct sun light. It should dry up and disappear. If there is still some visual powder left after it has been completely dried out, you can use your vaccuum cleaner to suck up the rest of the powder.

• The lily bloomed red, and the tag said it supposed to be yellow. Did I buy a wonder lily?

You did not buy a wonder lily. When the bulbs are planted at the nursery, it is impossible to see on the outside of the bulb what variety or color the lily will be when it blooms. Most likely the wrong picture tag was put in the pot. We apologize for this mistake.

• The lilies I bought are not fragrant. I thought lilies were fragrant?

Asiatic lilies have vibrant color, but are not fragrant. Oriental lilies are in shades from pink to white and are fragrant. An oriental lily has wider leaves, and most likely has more substance to the flower.

• The leaves are turning yellow, what do I do?

It is very normal if the leaves turn yellow in the fall. The lilies go into a dormant stage as almost any outside plant does. All reserve feed goes to the bulb to produce a nice plant the next year. When the leaves turn yellow while enjoying the lily as a potted plant inside the house, you should put the lily in a brighter spot of the house. It most likely is placed in too dark of a spot.


Enabling consumers from around the world to enjoy our exclusive Lily Looks lilies is our mission. Working with respect for other people, nature and the environment is self-evident to us. We do our best to minimise our environmental footprint. Some examples are given below to illustrate the ways in which we strive to contribute to a clean and environmentally friendly future.

• The plants get rainwater that is collected in water basins. There is a closed cultivation system using roller containers with an ebb and flow installation. All water that is not immediately absorbed by the plants is collected again and cleaned to be reused. The water consumption of Wetering Potlilium has no influence whatsoever on the drinking water supplies in the region. Dirty water is not discharged.

• Good climat control is used to control pests within the nursery. If an illness and/or pests are detected, organic pesticides (natural enemies) are applied immediately. In addition we are working nice and need with healthy starting materials. Mak Breeding grows the lilium bulbs especially for Wetering Potlilium. Then Wetering increases the bulbs themselves on different plots in the Netherlands, France and Chile.

• The greenhouse is equipped with a modern climate system, set up for optimal use of the recoverd heat. Thanks to energy-saving screens heat stays inside and the use of fossil fuels (natural gas) is reduced. Energy is partly generated by a CHP (co-generation). The excess energy they generate, is returned to the grid. They also have solar panels.

• All waste is separated and the company collecting it processes it into compost, which ultimately results in a reduction of gas emissions. Plastic and cardboard are also collected and recycled separately.

Wetering Potlilium is in possesion of the most important certificates issued by international organisations : MPS A, Global GAP and Global GRASP. They are indicating that the products have been grown responsibly and with respect for people and the environment. 


• How long will the Lily Looks lily bloom ?

The lilies will bloom for about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the local climate. The flower time will depend on the number of buds per plant, and the temperature where the lily is planted. More buds on a plant, as well as colder temperatures, will lengthen the bloom time.

• After the flower blooms and the petals fall off, will the flower continue to grow new blooms?

After the blooms and the petals fall off there will not come a new flower this year. The plant will die in the fall and come up again in the spring and flower again in June or July.

• How many colors are these lilies coming in?

There are 6 solid colors in Lily Looks. Red, pink, white, orange, yellow, and purple. There are also a few bicolor varieties in Lily Looks. 

• Are lilies winter hard?

Yes, the lily is winter hardy until zone 4.

• You can eat daylily flowers, is this the same type of lily?

The word lily might be somewhat confusing. There are many types. Lily of the valley (convallaria), Lily of the Nile (agapanthus), hemerocallis (day lily) to name a few. The plants you have purchased are asiatic or oriëntal lilies. They are not edible.

• If I plant them outside how many years do they come back?

Lilies are perennials. They should come back year after year.

• Will these lilies multiply?

The plant will multiply very slowly. You will see some side shoots, that do not flower, next spring. They are non-flowering because the bulbs are too small to produce a flower.